Let’s shine
at work!

Luminous is a blended self-coaching suite that develops your managers’ soft skills - at scale to help them foster engagement & retention.

The soft skills accelerator. For modern sales

Let’s shine
at work!

Luminous is a blended self-coaching suite that boosts soft skills in your salesforce to build trust with prospects and clients.

The soft skills adventure. For all talents

Let’s shine
at work!

Luminous is a blended self-coaching suite to fast track the development of your staff soft skills, at all levels in your organisation.

How to unlock soft-skills?
Choose the self-coaching methodology.

Insights created
Questions answered
Challenges taken

A digital tool that helps people change behaviours on the job.

Emotional Intelligence

The subtle combination of digital and human experience reinforces the adoption and scaffolding within the programs.


Of people who experienced a program would recommend it to people having the same needs as they had. Those people did not initially choose to do the program, their company did.


At the end of their journey, satisfaction reaches 4.3 thanks to the quality of the self-coaching experience smartly connected with the peer and team coachings.

Behavioural change

After enrolling in Luminous programs, eighty percent of users claim to experience soft skills development that impacts their work performance and motivation.


declared through spontaneous feedback. Luminous intuitive platform and programs enable you to develop your collaborator’s self-awareness, to encourage them to adopt new behaviours and boost their personal development.

empowering leadership
The coaching posture to lead teams to success
Know how to adapt and adopt key support postures to succeed in your conversations as a manager.
Human-Centric Leadership
Being a servant leader
Get to know your team better and manage their expectations with authenticity and honesty.
empowering leadership
Being a leader coach
Adopt the approach and practices of a coach when providing support.
Architectural Leadership
Proximity management: organize your team's work
Develop a manager's essential reflexes to make your team more responsive and efficient on a daily basis.Develop a manager's essential reflexes to make your team more responsive and efficient on a daily basis.
change management
Conducting change
Guide the people and support your colleagues in a context of change.

Organizations that are boosting job satisfaction and increasing employee loyalty

“Thanks to blended learning and self-coaching, not only do individuals become more engaged in their journey, but they also initiate significant changes.”

STADA Group HR Team
Pharmaceuticals • Portugal

Real personal growthstories

I did not expect to gain so much from the plateform but I always come out of my sessions motivated to work, full of drive and positive energy. Luminous is easy to use and requires only the will to begin. The sessions are diverse and everyone can go at their own pace.

Nathalie Lao
Customer Success Officer

Luminous helped me identify what is critical to me in my communication as a manager. This allowed me to share about it with my team and ask them the right questions in order to communicate in a more pleasant way and challenge ourselves in a healthy way.

Eva Lecalot
Training and Development Manager

My self-coaching experience has contributed to the evolution of my relationship with employees through questioning and a better understanding of their expectations.

Gonçalo Oliveira
Warehouse Director

Powerful questions trigger lasting changes

Know more about our authentic, comprehensive, process-based methodology

Our services merge the scalability of technology with the expertise of humans taking personal development to the next level


Self-service, digital self-coaching platform
Fully autonomous and flexible

  • ✔ +100 Self-coaching sessions & programs
  • ✔ Nudge system
  • ✔ Immersive experience
  • ✔ Curated content and resources to deepen
From 19€ per user/month


Hybrid phygital, blended pedagogy
Blended approach for engagement and commitment at scale

  • SELF +
  • ✔ Customer Success Partner
  • ✔ Onboarding & Closing events
  • ✔ Team coachings
  • ✔ Peer coachings
From 49€ per user/month


Reinforced Blended pedagogy
with more in-presence or online dynamics

  • ✔ Custom-built Workshops, training sessions, boot camps and retreats
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